Top 5 Best Email Service Providers for Your Business

Email Services

Email services are used for many purposes, including business correspondence. Although everyone has preferences, a common set of criteria must be ticked by any service provider.

Email Services

What to look for?

Setting up an email for business purposes is different from that for personal use. A much more stringent checklist of conditions must be used because of the magnitude of operations a business entails, like:

  • Price – Depends on the budget of the business.
  • Security – Spam filters, anti-phishing, and anti-malware tools and data recovery for security and reliability.
  • Storage – For both mailboxes and files.
  • Attachment size – Large file attachment size limit along with FTP for larger files.
  • Accessibility – Easy-to-use interface, multi-device accessibility.
  • Customer support – Long hours and multiple channels of customer support.
  • Identity Independence – Custom domain and multiple email address creations, also email aliases if possible.
  • Provision of additional tools – Additional services like document, spreadsheet, presentation, communication, and collaboration tools, with an ability to integrate third-party applications.

Best Email Service Providers for Business

Based on the above criteria, the best webmail service providers for businesses are:

1. Office 365 –

  • Mainly for large companies whose employees depend highly on Microsoft’s software(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Gmail einloggen).
  • Provides 1TB OneDrive storage, 50GB mail storage, 150MB attachment size limit, CRM, Planner, Teams, Yammer, Skype, calendars, contacts, video/voice conferencing, custom domain creation, unlimited users, business-class emailing, data security and multi-access.
  • Starting $5/month.

2. G suite –

  • Best for compact businesses that prefer Cloud-based services by hotmail inloggen aanmelden.
  • Provides Docs, Sheets and Slides, collaboration and gmail aanmaken communication tools, email delegation, recovery, unlimited storage, data security, offline access, CRM, voice/video conferencing, Hangouts, Team Drives, Keep, calendar, etc.
  • Starting from $5.

3. Zoho Workplace –

  • For computer-savvy users on a tight budget.
  • Provides multiple mailboxes, 100GB/user, 250MB attachment limit, Docs cloud storage, Office Suite, Cliq, message streaming, calendar, Meeting, Connect, Writer, ShowTime, CRM, voice/video conferencing, high configurability, etc.
  • Starts with a free plan.

4. Rackspace –

  • Primarily a hosting service, focusing on data security and reliability.
  • Has ActiveSync, IM, malware and spam protection, 30GB file storage, cloud storage, domain and e-commerce hosting, unlimited email aliases, 100% guaranteed uptime, and Microsoft compatibility for file editing.
  • Starting from $2/user/month.

5. IceWarp –

  • Best for agencies that create email yahoo accounts for their clients.
  • Gives addresses on multiple domains, collaboration tools, custom document, spreadsheet, and presentation editors, team chat, voice/video conferencing, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, calendar, and white labeling.
  • Starts from $3.50/user/month.

Thus, a business can choose the best service provider for them based on size, budget, security and network needs, workforce, software preference, etc. However, it must be kept in mind that whichever they choose, it must be managed properly for optimum utilization.

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