Maintaining a tree or shrub can be quite time consuming however trees and shrubs can get healthier if you know what things may be hindering them to flourish. To get you started in ensuring your trees and shrubs will excellently grow, here are some things you may want to take note of and why you should not do it. 

1. Just pruning away 

Pruning is done because an owner of the tree or shrub wants to remove a dead part of the plant or want the tree or shrub to bloom with flowers or increase in the production of fruits however if you just prune away without any of these goals, pruning may not bring forth any benefits. A pruning mistake brings a lot of damage to a plant and can take a long time for the plant to become healthy again.  

2. Cutting away 

Pruning follows a certain length in order for the pruning to be beneficial. When pruning is done properly, the damage is minimized and the healing process is a lot quicker. When you just cut away parts because you do not have proper knowledge in pruning, it will lead to worsening the health of the tree. Moreover, a big cut will leave the healing process to prolong and may even cause a big part of a tree to decay. The oust scenario may even be causing the tree to die.  

3. Pruning when the tree is growing 

There are seasons of growth with each plant or tree variety and it takes a lot of expertise to know the details on when and where a tree grows its optimum. Pruning is done to help the growth of the tree however pruning a tree in its season of growth may only reverse the goal. When it is summer, and the sun is too intense for a tree to hold out water, an extensive pruning may bring forth a lot of damage.  

4. Using tools that are not sharpened 

Trees are big and strong and the sharpeners or dullness of a tool used for pruning may often be neglected given that force plays a big role in cutting. However, did you know that the dullness or sharpness of the tool used for pruning is important as well? A dull tool can result to a rip or a rough cut on the branch of a tree or bark and this will lead to a large wound and may prolong the healing process of the tree. Moreover, it may lead to harming the tree instead of helping it flourish.  

5. Topping your tree 

Topping of a tree is often seen as a necessity or a move due to no other available choice however this will lead to the tree dying instead of saving it or reducing the risk of touching some nearby power lines. You may want to do this process to get rid of the top of the tree that may possibly touch the power lines nearby leaving the risk of danger however, topping can result to a tree dying and may even cause the tree to fall resulting to further damage in its surroundings.  

These things are often done when no professional tree care is around for help that’s why it is necessary to have the help of a professional tree service. Want to get some tree care help? Check on